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          Elk County Treasurer's Office                                  
          Courthouse Annex
          P.O. Box 247
          Ridgway,  Pa  15853
          (814) 776-5321                 
          (814) 772-0092 Fax

Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:00
          Open through lunch



          2015 HOLIDAYS        

           Peggy B. Schneider
           Elk County Treasurer
           P.O. Box 247
           (814) 776-5321


          Connie Herzing
          Deputy Treasurer
          Hotel Tax Collector
          (814) 776-5322


          Melissa Otteni
          Office Manager
           (814) 776-5323








     Services available at the Elk County Treasurer's Office


     Licenses:                                                                                                    Information:                                   
           Dog *      NEW HIGHER COST                                                          Deer Management Units  
           Fishing *  NEW LOWER COST                                                            Federal Duck Stamp                                        
           Hunting *    POS                                                                                       Federal Recreation Passport Program  

           Hunter Safety Course                                                                                  HOTEL TAX ORDINANCE         
           Small Games & Bingo License                                                                         Hotel Quarterly Tax Report Form 
           Sportsmen's Pistol Permits                                                                                  Exemption Statement                    
           Launch/Use Permits                                                                                               Exemption Certificate
           Temporary Boat Registration                                                                                                                          





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